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What Do They Call A Soccer Jersey In Europe?

What Do They Call A Soccer Jersey In Europe?

In Europe, soccer jerseys are referred to as football shirts or kits. This term is used because while “soccer” might be the preferred name for the sport outside of Europe, within European countries, it’s often referred to as “football” instead.

This means that when talking about the clothing worn by players on the field during a match, they use the term “football shirt” or “kit” instead of “jersey.” Football shirts are also called replicas because they are designed to look and feel like those worn by professional players.

In contrast, American jerseys are more colorful and stylized than their European counterparts. Football shirts often have simple designs featuring prominently featured team logos and colors but with little additional flair.

The idea is for these shirts to be similar to those worn by professional players so that fans can feel closer to them and show off their support for their favorite team.

Different countries also have specific terms for these football shirts. For example, in Germany, they’re known as Fussball Trikots (or “football trikots”), and in Italy, they’re known as maglie da calcio (or “calcio shirts”). Other languages may also have variations on this general terminology depending on where you are in Europe.

Factors In Choosing A Kit

Factor 1: Sizing Considerations

When choosing a soccer jersey, ensure you get the right size. Generally speaking, most soccer jerseys come in sizes ranging from small to extra-large (XL). It is also important to remember that some brands may fit differently than others, so try on different brands before settling on one particular size or style of jersey.

Also, try on different sizes of the same brand; this will help ensure that you get one that fits properly without having too much fabric hanging off your body or too tight around your chest or arms.

Factor 2: Fabric Material

The material used for soccer jerseys can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and price point of the item in question; however, most manufacturers use either polyester or cotton blends for their products due to their durability and breathability properties.

Some high-end manufacturers may also use specialty fabrics such as lycra or spandex; these fabrics tend to be more expensive but offer superior comfort and performance benefits over traditional polyester/cotton blends.

Factor 3: Design Features

Design features could include embroidery detailing on patches or logo designs printed directly onto the fabric using digital printing techniques such as sublimation or screen printing. 

It is also worth considering any additional features, such as ventilation panels located at key points along the torso area, which help keep players cool during long periods of gameplay.

These vents usually consist of mesh fabric sewn into strategic locations around the garment, which allow air circulation while maintaining the overall structural integrity of the product itself.  


No matter what language you speak or where you live, soccer is still one of the most popular sports around the world. As such, it makes sense that different parts of the world would have their own unique terms for describing things related to this beloved sport—including words used to describe a soccer jersey or kit.

If you ever find yourself traveling through Europe and need help understanding how Europeans refer to their beloved football shirts, just remember: football shirt or kit!

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