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Seahawks Uniform Timeline

A look back at the many variations of Seattle Seahawks uniforms through the ages starting with our first year in the league. 1976-2016


The expansion Seahawks debut in uniforms that have a definite 70s look. The color for the home jersey is royal blue, with forest green trim and gray pants. The road jerseys are white, with blue and green arm stripes, and gray pants.


The original look is tweaked, and coincides with Chuck Knox taking over as coach. The logo is incorporated into the stripes on the arms of the jersey; the smaller numbers are moved from the jersey sleeves to the shoulders; and the facemasks on the helmets are changed from silver to blue.


The first total redesign, as the team gets a new look to match its new stadium. The colors are changed to Seahawks blue, Seahawks navy and Seahawks green; the helmet is changed from silver to blue; and the logo takes on a more menacing look and includes the new color scheme. The Seahawks also can have multiple looks, by mixing and matching the white and blue jerseys with the white and blue pants.


The first alternative jersey in franchise history lasts all of one game, as the Seahawks take the field for a Sept. 27 game against the Chicago Bears wearing neon-green tops and darker-blue pants. The jersey, the brainchild of then-GM Tim Ruskell, is “retired,” as then-coach Jim Mora put it, because the team did not win in them.


With Nike taking over as the supplier for the NFL, the Seahawks’ uniform gets another total makeover.


The Seahawks join the NFL Color Rush initiative in 2016, with the club unveiling an Action Green alternate uniform that it will wear during its ‘Thursday Night Football’ game against the Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 15 at CenturyLink Field. “Color Rush” in the NFL refers to a special uniform edition worn by teams during select Thursday Night Football games. Introduced in 2015 as a collaboration between the NFL and Nike, the league’s official uniform provider, this initiative aimed to deliver a unique and visually captivating experience for fans.

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