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What Is The Coin Toss In American Football?

What Is The Opening Coin Toss In Football?

A coin toss is a method of starting or determining the possession of the ball in American football. The team that wins the coin toss gets to choose whether to kick off or receive the ball and which end of the field they want to start on.

How The Coin Toss Works

Prior to each game, a coin is flipped at midfield between the captains of each team. The captain that wins the toss can choose one of two options:

1) Their team can either kick off or receive the opening kickoff.

2) Their team can choose which end zone they want to defend.

If the team that wins the coin toss decides to defer their choice to the second half, then the opposing team gets to choose between options 1 and 2.

What Does It Mean To “Defer”

The term “defer” refers to the decision of the winning team to defer its choice of whether to kick off or receive the ball at the start of the second half. The team winning the coin toss before the game can either kick off or receive the ball.

If they choose to receive, the other team will choose what they want to do at halftime. However, if the winning team decides to defer, they give up their choice and let the other team have it instead.

Why Might a Team Choose To Defer?

There are a few reasons why a team might want to defer their choice. One reason is that it can be strategic. For example, if a team knows that their opponents are particularly strong at offense, they might want to defer so they can have the ball in the second half when they know their opponents will be tired.

Another reason a team might defer is simply that they want the ball first in the second half. This can be helpful if a team is trying to come back from a deficit, as it gives them a chance to score early in the half and put some pressure on their opponents.

Coin Toss In Overtime

The coin toss is also used to determine which team gets to choose their play in overtime periods. In the NFL, each team gets one possession per overtime period, regardless of whether they are on offense or defense. The team winning the coin toss can choose to keep playing on offense or go on defense first.

If the score is still tied after both teams have had a chance on offense and defense, the game goes into a sudden-death mode, and the first team to score wins.

What Does Sudden Death Mean In American Football?

When an American football game reaches sudden death, the first team to score points will be declared the winner. This will usually happen in overtime when both teams can possess the football. Then whoever scores first during this extra period wins the game.

Sudden death can be a very exciting way to end a game, as it means that every play could potentially decide the outcome. However, it can also be very frustrating for team fans who lose, as they may feel like they were just a few plays away from victory.

Has a Super Bowl Ever Been Decided In Overtime?

Yes, a Super Bowl has been decided in overtime before. This happened during Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

The game went into overtime after a miraculous comeback by New England, down 28-3 in the second half. The Patriots ended up coming back to tie, forced overtime, and won on a run to halfback James White.

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