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What Is The Five Hole In Hockey?

What Is The Five Hole?

The five-hole refers to a space between a goalie’s leg pads. It’s located at the bottom of the goalie’s pads, right where his body meets his legs. This area is commonly referred to as “the five hole” because there are five holes in total—one on each side of both legs, plus one in the middle.

It is vulnerable because it has less protection than other parts of the net (e.g., the top shelf or over-the-shoulder shots). As such, scoring through this opening can be difficult but rewarding.

How Does It Impact The Game?

Scoring through the five hole requires precision and accuracy because of its smaller size. As such, it requires more skill than shooting in other areas of the net. If a player can score through this opening, they will often be praised by announcers and fans for their great shot.

Furthermore, many goalies are very aware of this area and try to close up that space with their leg pads so that they can better protect themselves from shots aimed at that area.

Why Is It Important To Know About?

It’s important to understand what “the five hole” means because it’s a common term when discussing hockey strategy and tactics. Knowing about it will help you understand why certain strategies work better than others in certain situations and why some players may be more successful at scoring goals than others.

Understanding “the five-hole” will also give you an appreciation for how complex and difficult hockey really is—particularly when it comes to goal-scoring.

Using The Five Hole To Score Goals

Aim Low: When shooting through this area, aim for either corner at ice level; if your shot goes too high, you risk hitting one of the goalie’s pads instead.

Stay Focused: Don’t get distracted by other players around you; focus on getting your shot off quickly and accurately!

Look For Openings: Many goaltenders will try to close up their “five hole” with their pads; look for areas where they have left open spaces between them so you can capitalize on those chances!

Find Your Angle: There are times when goaltenders won’t be able to cover all angles; find one that gives you an advantage before taking your shot!


To summarize, “the five-hole” refers to a space between a goalie’s leg pads located at the bottom of his body where his legs meet his torso. Players who score through this opening are considered skilled due to its small size. Knowing about the five-hole in hockey is key for any fan looking to gain an even deeper understanding of the game.

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