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What Is A Carry In Basketball?

What Is A Carry In Basketball?

A carry in basketball refers to when the ball handler picks up their pivot foot without dribbling or passing the ball. This can happen when a player drives to the basket or moves to avoid a defender.

It results in an immediate turnover and possession of the ball going to the opposing team. The referee will call out “carry” if they see that the player has committed this violation. 

Why is it Illegal? 

The purpose of this rule is to prevent players from over-dribbling with their feet while holding onto the ball. This rule ensures that everyone plays fairly and follows regulations so that every player gets an equal opportunity to score points or win possession of the ball. By implementing this rule, referees can maintain order on the court and ensure all players abide by established rules of conduct. 

How Can I Avoid Committing This Foul? 

1. Make sure both feet are firmly planted on the ground before attempting to move.

2. If one foot needs to be lifted off of the ground, make sure another body part (such as your arm or hand) maintains contact with the basketball.

3. Make sure both feet are completely down before releasing any passes.

Practice dribbling until you feel comfortable with your footwork and coordination.

4. Pay attention to where your feet are at all times so you can easily adjust them if necessary. 


Carrying can be an easy mistake for any basketball player to make when they’re not paying close attention. However, understanding what carrying is and how it’s enforced can help you take steps toward avoiding making it in future games. By familiarizing yourself with basic rules and regulations around carries, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game and play fairly against other teams.

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