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How Tall Is A Basketball Hoop? Simple Explanation

How Tall Is a Hoop In Basketball?

One aspect that has stood the test of time is the height of a basketball hoop, 10 feet from the floor. The question entering people’s minds might be why this basket is 10 feet off the ground instead of 10 ½ feet or even 11 feet or any height for that matter. How about the hoop itself? Is it the same across all levels of competition?

Let’s look at some common questions about the height of a regulation basketball hoop.

Why is a Basketball Hoop Ten Feet?

In 1891, a physical education teacher from Ontario, Canada, named James Naismith, invented the game while at the International YMCA Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The first baskets were peach baskets that he hung off the running track guard railings at the height of ten feet. After every basket was made, the game paused to get a ladder to retrieve the ball.  In 1893, the peach basket was replaced with an iron hoop with a hammock-style basket.

How do You Measure the Ten Feet for a Hoop?

The measurement for a basketball hoop is from the floor to the height of the rim. Then ten feet is not to the bottom of the net attached to the rim but to the very top of the rim.

How Tall is a Basketball Hoop in the NBA?

The hoop at the highest level of professional basketball, the NBA, is ten feet. Remember, this measurement is from the floor to the top of the rim. While the height of the basket remains the same, the average height of the players has increased over the years by a couple of inches to 6’ 6”.

Players are also becoming increasingly strong and more athletic, making the 10-foot high basket not much of a challenge, if any, to make a dunk. Perhaps the NBA should consider raising the height of the hoop.

How Tall is The Hoop in the WNBA?

Like in the NBA, the hoop in the WNBA is 10 feet off the floor.  While the height is the same, the average WNBA player is just under 6 feet tall, which makes dunking a very rare feat in the WNBA. When a dunk is made in the WNBA, it is a spectacular play that is guaranteed to make the highlight reel.

How Tall is a Basketball Hoop in Middle School & High School

Although players at these levels are younger, shorter, and less experienced, the height of the basketball hoops remains the same at ten feet off the floor.

How Tall Is The Basketball Hoop in FIBA?

FIBA rules state that all hoops in leagues worldwide and the Olympic games have hoops standing at ten feet high.

How Tall is Hoop in NCAA Basketball Games?

The rules governing play at the NCAA level for both men and women state that the hoop is ten feet off the ground, the same as in the professional ranks.

Does the Height Of The Rim Change In Youth Basketball Leagues?

The rim heights for youth leagues vary from court to court. Kindergarten leagues start with baskets seven feet high. Once kids reach middle elementary school, they move to eight-foot-high rims, while fifth graders typically play with nine-foot-high rims. 

Standard ten-foot-high rims begin with leagues in sixth grade, which is generally the start of middle school.

How Big is the Rim In Basketball?

Rims can also vary in size, but the regulation size rim is 18 inches in diameter.

How Big is the Backboard In Basketball?

Backboard sizes can vary, but regulations-sized basketball backboards are 72 inches wide (6 feet) by 42 inches (3 ½ feet) tall.

Why Do Basketball Hoops Have a Net?

Prior to the net, players would have to climb a ladder to get the ball from the basket after each made shot. Players wouldn’t have to retrieve the ball when the iron rim replaced the basket. The added net made the ball fall through the hoop a bit slower, making the ball easier to retrieve.

Did The Hoop Height Ever Change in the NBA?

George Mikan of the Minneapolis Lakers was the first big man in the NBA at 6’ 10” in height. Because of his domination of the game in his era, the NBA tested a 12-foot-high basketball hoop for one game in 1954 between the Lakers and the Milwaukee Hawks. 

During the game, Mikan didn’t dominate, but the taller players still grabbed more rebounds and made shooting more difficult across the board. The experiment turned out to be a failure and lasted only one game.

Can Players Change the Hoop Regulation Height During Dunk Competitions?

The NBA All-Star weekend is about putting on a show, including the dunk competition. Although it hasn’t happened often, a notable instance when the hoop was changed was in 2009 when Dwight Howard brought out a 12-foot-high room for his dunk while donning a Superman cape.

Why Do Basketball Hoops Have an Orange Rim?

The orange color is easier to see. It stands out more for fans, players, coaches, and referees. It also aids in spotting goaltending and basket interference calls on balls above the cylinder.


A basketball hoop from the middle school level through the professional ranks all have a height of ten feet from the floor to the top of the rim. This dates back to 1891 when James Naismith hung peach baskets on the railings of a track at the YMCA in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

Using peach baskets meant players had to retrieve the ball with a ladder after each successful shot. A few years later, the iron rim replaced the basket. Many things have changed in basketball over the years, but the one constant is the height of the basket.

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